Headteacher's Welcome

Thank you for your interest in Felpham Community College 
Choosing the right secondary school is a very important decision.  We hope that this website provides you with useful information and gives you a flavour of Felpham.

If you would like to visit us, or would like any additional information, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Despite recent changes to the curriculum and assessment in schools, Felpham remains in a 
strong position.  Our latest exam results from summer 2018 were very positive with 
large number of students achieving the new highest grade 9s and 8s.  Overall attainment in the new English GCSE was 72% graded 4-9 and in maths GCSE was 69% graded 4-9.

(The new GCSE grade 4 is equivalent to a grade C and these results match the school's best ever results last year.)  Once again, the commitment and support from staff and governors in partnership with students and parents has led to this success.

However, we recognise that great schools are about more than just exam results, and we have worked hard to create an exciting, engaging and broad curriculum for all students.  At Felpham we believe in getting the basics right; so we have also focussed on developing a safe, calm and purposeful learning environment with excellent student behaviour and a smart college uniform.

This coming year the school has significant building work taking place costing over £11M.  Students joining us in 2019 will benefit from fantastic modern facilities in our new three- storey block that will replace all of our older classrooms.  Whilst great schools are about the people in them and not just the buildings, the enhanced facilities at Felpham will be a massive boost.

Felpham Community College has moved a huge distance in a short time but we are not complacent. Although our foundations are firm, our committed and enthusiastic staff are determined to create a truly outstanding school.

We are looking for young people who we can inspire, support and develop to reach their full potential. I hope you will join us.

Mark Anstiss, Headteacher