SWITCH Project

SWITCH Project

The SWITCH Project is up and running again after the August break and the first of our groups starts this week.


We are happy to consider young people who are struggling with their emotions regarding the death of a family member such as a grandparent or sibling and meet the criteria for our programme (click here to view the SWITCH leaflet). We offer four family sessions and five group sessions, one of which is a Celebration Day, celebrating the young person’s bravery and undertaking an activity chosen by the group.


We had a very busy year last year and have had a very good response from schools and other agencies.


We are open for referrals at the moment and are keen to ensure that children and young people are able to access our service either with The Family Services Team or SWITCH Project.


SWITCH Drop-in service

There is also a new Drop-In service which starts this Thursday at Westgate Leisure Centre in Chichester from 2:30pm -5:30pm, the last Thursday of every month. This service is for families and young people as well as professionals who may wish to speak to one of our practitioners in a relaxed and informal environment.


For further Information please contact The West Sussex Team on: 01403 211030 or on our website www.winstonswish.org.uk