Personal Accident to Pupil Insurance

It is a common misconception that pupils are automatically covered by the County Council’s insurance should they be injured in an accident whilst at school. 

Unfortunately, the County Council can only consider a claim of this nature if we have been negligent in some way. 

As a consequence of this misconception the County Council, in conjunction with our insurers, has arranged the Personal Accident to Pupil policy. 

The policy is optional and only available to parents or guardians of pupils in Schools in West Sussex, private or otherwise.  The policy has been extended to include students up to the age of 19 attending both further education and sixth form colleges.  Nursery children aged 3 and above can apply for the policy if they attend Nursery for at least 5 half day sessions a week. 

The annual premium for the policy is £13 per student per year and application forms are available from the Finance Office at Felpham Community College. 

The policy offers cover in the event of death or permanent bodily injury following an accident.  The cover applies 24 hours a day, so not just while they are at school but on holiday or at home, or anywhere in the world and whilst undertaking hazardous pursuits. 

The policy covers the period 1 September to 31 August each year, and cover will be commenced either on the 1 September or the date of payment, if later.  If the child is registered at a school in West Sussex when the policy is paid for, that policy will remain valid, until the 31 August even if they leave the school or move abroad. 

Although the policy is individual to the pupil and is not a WSCC policy per se, schools are requested to advertise the policy to all parents and specifically new intake. 

Benefits are offered under a continental scale of compensation, the maximum benefit being £100,000. 

How to claim under the Personal Accident to Pupil policy 

Initially, Legal Services at West Sussex County Council should be notified as soon as reasonably practicable of any potential claim.  It will be necessary for the parent/guardian to complete a claim form, which can be obtained from the Finance Office at the College. 

Once the claim form, including the doctor’s/dentist’s prognosis, has been received and logged by the Legal Services team, the claim will be forwarded to the Insurers for consideration and for them to deal with the parents direct.  The County Council will be updated as regards the position of the claim, from time to time by the Insurers, for our records.