Parent Surveys

At Felpham Community College, we are not complacent and are committed to continuing to improve our school.  To decide priorities for action we value parents’ input in helping us to identify our strengths and areas for development.  I would like to thank all those parents and carers who complete surveys at consultation evenings each year.

The feedback from each consultation evening is collated into a report. These are used by year leaders and the senior leadership team to inform their planning throughout the year.  The results for each year group are posted on the website once complete and summative feedback is published to all parents in the end of year newsletter.

We have modified our surveys so that parents are free to provide their name, should they wish.  This allows us to follow up any feedback given and forms another point of communication within the academic year.

Once again, many thanks for your support.  Working together we can maximise your child’s progress and ensure that their time at Felpham Community College is a happy and productive one.

Michelle Kelly
Assistant Headteacher


 Parent Surveys


Year 11 Parent Survey - January 2017
Year 13 Parent Survey - January 2017
Year 7 Parent Survey - March 2017
Year 10 Parent Survey - November 2017
Y12 Parent Survey - December 2017


Whole School Survey
Year 11 Parent Survey - January 2018