At Felpham we believe that presentation is important as students need to be able to read their own writing in order to revise and learn from the notes they make in their exercise books.  Writing legibly is also important for future examinations that students will take - if writing cannot be read, it cannot be awarded marks.  Therefore, all students should ensure that:

  • Handwriting is legible, clear and neat
  • Black pen only is used for writing
  • The date and heading are underlined
  • Drawings and graphs are completed in pencil
  • Margins are drawn with a ruler when appropriate
  • Worksheets are secured neatly in books
  • Homework is clearly labelled as such
  • Green pen comments by teachers is responded to in full
  • Red pen is used to respond to teacher marking
  • Peer marking is identified in another colour
  • All pages are used with no gaps; rule off each piece of work
  • There is no doodling or graffiti