The Arun Youth Community Awards

The Arun Youth Community Awards are co-ordinated by the Rotary in Arun. This year is the first time the awards have run since 2019, with all local schools being invited to put forward nominations from November 2021.

The Awards are presented to young people between the ages of 11 and 19 years, resident in the Arun District, who are nominated for being:-

•     An exceptionally caring person
•     An especially brave person
•     Someone who has volunteered
•     Or raised money for charity

A massive well done to the following students from FCC who were nominated within the different  categories:

Age 11 – 13                 Elisa Cauchy-Duval (year 9), Max Chester (year 8), Rylee Newman (year 8)
Age 14 – 16                 Ruby-May Rainey (year 10) and Zalia Ali (year 12)
Age 17 – 19                 Adam Hughes (year 12), Antoana Micheva (year 13), Jodie Price (year 13), Joseph Reavey (year 13) and Phebe Allies (year 13)

Group nomination    The FCC Eco Team, with particular reference to Adam Francis (year 10), Adam Hughes (year 10), Finlay Clark (year 9), Hannah Phillips (10), Kaleo Albert (year 9) and Mollie Phillips (year 10).

A special mention and extra well done goes to Zalia Ali who was given a Commendation in the 14-16 category,Adam Hughes who won the 17- 19 category, with Antoana Micheva also been given a special Commendation in this category. FCC also won the Group Award for the amazing work the Eco Team do which was incredible as they were up against stiff competition from across the locality!