Religion, Philosophy & Ethics

Departmental Staff
Curriculum Leader:Ms H Aston-Rose
Subject Teachers:Miss S Wyatt (p/t)Miss L Szymura
Ms R Campbell
SLT Line Manager:Ms M Kelly

Key Stage 3 

At Key Stage 3 students have three lessons each fortnight and are taught in tutor groups. Students who demonstrate an aptitude for religious education are given extended classwork and homework projects. 
An after-school homework club gives students the opportunity complete further studies. 

The main programmes of work in each year of Key Stage 3 are summarised as follows with further details contained in schemes of work: 

Year 7 

  • What does it mean to believe?
  • What did people believe in the ancient world?
  • The A-Z of Religion
  • What are the key beliefs of Christianity?
  • How do Jews celebrate and remember?
  • Philosophy 4 Children 

Year 8 

  • What does Buddhism teach about life?
  • What are religious views on world issues?
  • What are the key beliefs and practices of Islam?
  • What is the relationship between religion and the media?
  • How is symbolism used in Hinduism?
  • What is Western philosophy?

Year 9 

  • What are religious views on matters of life and death?
  • Does God exist?
  • What does religion look like outside the ‘big six’?
  • What are religious views on issues in sex and relationships?
  • How has the Holocaust affected people past and present?
  • How are the values of faith, community and equality shown in Sikhi?

Key Stage 4 

At Key Stage 4 students have the option to study for the Religious Education GCSE, which explores the differing opinions between the religious views and concepts, focusing on at least two faiths found within our society and non-religious perspectives. 

At Key Stage 4 we offer a choice of the following courses: 

Key Stage 5 

At Key Stage 5 we offer a choice of the following courses (please click on the links below to visit the Sixth Form Website):