Who to turn to at FCC

Who to turn to at FCC

At Felpham Community College, we believe that communication is key in underpinning success and in securing the best possible outcomes for each and every child. We appreciate that having become used to regular face-face contact with your child’s primary teacher, the move to secondary school can be daunting in terms of who to contact when you have a query – however big or small.

If in doubt, please contact our receptionists on 01243 826511. They will be happy to assist in putting you through to the relevant person.

If you would like to:

Report a child’s absence, please ring the attendance officer on 01243 838028 or email attendance@felpham.org.uk
Speak to our school welfare assistant, please ring 01243 826511 ext:229
Contact our chair of governors, please email clerktogovernors@felpham.org.uk
Speak to a curriculum leader or subject teacher, please ring reception on 01243 826511 and they will put you through to the relevant department
Speak to your child’s year team, please ring 01243 826511, followed by the appropriate extension number:
➢ Year 7 – extension 237 or 238
➢ Year 8 – extension 239 or 240
➢ Year 9 – extension 241 or 242
➢ Year 10 – extension 243 or 269
➢ Year 11 – extension 244 or 270
➢ Sixth form – extension 245 or 246

If you have any other queries, concerns or comments, then please ring reception on 01243 826511 or email fcc@felpham.org.uk.