Departmental Staff
Curriculum Leader:Ms B McAuley
Subject Teachers:Mrs Z BrixeyMr P Leadley
Ms K JacksonMr M Pilling
Mrs H Aston-RoseMrs E Slater (p/t)
SLT Line Manager:Mrs L Marques-Darling

Key Stage 3 

At Key Stage 3 students have 4 lessons each fortnight throughout the whole of Key Stage 3. In years 7 students are taught in tutor groups whilst in years 8 and 9 they are grouped differently but are still taught in a mixed ability setting. The main programmes of work in each year of Key Stage 3 are summarised as follows with further details contained in schemes of work: 

Year 7 

  • Celts and Romans 
  • 1066 
  • Medieval Britain 
  • Henry VIII

Year 8 

  • Tudors 
  • The English Civil War 
  • Industrial Revolution
  • Slavery 
  • Suffrage Movement

Year 9 

  • WW2
  • Civil rights
  • Windrush
  • Crime 

Key Stage 4 

At Key Stage 4 we offer a choice of the following courses: 

Year 10 includes Germany 1918-1939 and Medicine 1200-Present
Year 11 includes Cold War and Elizabethan England

Key Stage 5 

At Key Stage 5 we offer a choice of the following courses (please click on the links below to visit the Sixth Form Website):