As access to the library is restricted at the moment I have arranged for the catalogue to be available online and the search facility can be used to see whatever is currently available on the shelves. 

If you know your ‘borrower barcode’ number, you can use it to log in to your individual library account.  Click on ‘log in’ and enter your borrower number in the ‘username’ and your form (7A, 8E, etc, with an uppercase letter) in the ‘password’.  The Account tab will contain information on books you have borrowed in the past as well as those you currently have on loan. 

If you are logged in, you can order books from the library to be delivered to your classroom.  Use ‘Search’ to find the book you want, double-click that book and then click the green ‘Reserve’ button.  The library desk will be notified of your selection and the book will be delivered to your classroom just as if you had borrowed it from the library yourself. 

If you don’t know your Borrower Barcode number and would like to reserve a book, then email the librarian for information. 

The link to the Accelerated Reader log-in for year 7 students is here

Mr Thraves