Departmental Staff 

Curriculum Leader: 

Ms J Constantine 

Assistant Curriculum Leader: 

Mrs D Chick 

Subject Teachers: 

Mrs K Bloomfield 

Mr J Bulpett 

Mr S Castle 

Mrs J Deane (p/t)  

Miss E Jarvis 

Ms M Kelly 

Mrs L Margues-Darling 

Miss N Narburgh 

Miss J Smith 

Miss J Stacey 

Mrs S Wills

SLT Line Manager: 

Mr E Whiffin 

Key Stage 3 

At Key Stage 3 students have 8 lessons each fortnight and are banded into broad groups based on ability. The main programmes of work in each year of Key Stage 3 are summarised as follows with further details contained in schemes of work: 

Year 7 

  • Fiction: The theme of childhood with texts including Key text, Harry Potter, poetry and non-fiction. 
  • Myths and Legends: Key texts Beowulf and Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief. 
  • Mystery and Detection: A variety of short prose texts and creative writing. 

Year 8 

  • Infamy: Key text, Stone Cold and extracts from fiction and non-fiction. 
  • Infamy:  key text Frankenstein by Philip Pullman or Much Ado About Nothing by Shakespeare, and extracts from fiction texts.
  • Language and its uses: resources include a range texts on theme of environment, as well as speeches.

Year 9 

  • Classic fiction: Key text of Mice and Men. 
  • Classic fiction: Gothic texts including prose, poetry and non-fiction. 
  • Happy Ever After?: Key text Romeo and Juliet plus, short stories, poetry and prose texts. 
  • Innocence and Experience: War Poetry or poetry from other cultures and times. 
  • GCSE Preparation: A prose text and writing. 

Key Stage 4 

GCSE English is a core subject and is studied by all students at Key Stage 4. All students study for the GCSE in English Language and the GCSE in English Literature.  There is also a Speaking and Listening Exam. 

At Key Stage 4 we offer a choice of the following courses: 

Key Stage 5 

At Key Stage 5 we offer a choice of the following courses (please click on the links below to visit the Sixth Form Website):