Design and Technology

Departmental Staff

Curriculum Leader:

Miss L Mepham

Assistant Curriculum Leader:

Miss R Tweed

Subject Teachers:

Mrs H Cornell (p/t)

Mr D Summers

Miss C Wickens

Mrs L Wise

SLT Line Manager:

Mr E Whiffin

Key Stage 3 

Year 7 

  • Graphics
    • Basic graphics skills 
    • Design packaging project 
  • Food and Nutrition
    • Healthy eating and balanced diet
  • Textiles 
    • Aboriginal pencil case project 
    • Indian art 
  • 3D Design
    • Workshop skills and machine understanding project 

Year 8 

  • Graphics
    • Pop-up books
  • Food and Nutrition
    • Pastry, pizza, pasta and sauces
  • Textiles
    • Marine panel project
  • 3D Design
    • Movie moments project

Year 9 

  • Graphics
    • Promotional project
  • Food and nutrition
    • Asian cooking and healthy takeaway dish
  • Textiles
    • Fairs and carnivals
  • 3D Design 
    • Design and build a model project

Key Stage 4 

At Key Stage 4 we offer a choice of the following courses: 

Key Stage 5 

At Key Stage 5 we offer a choice of the following courses (please click on the links below to visit the Sixth Form Website):