Year 5 taster day at FCC

Felpham Community College have hosted successful taster days for year 5 students from across the locality for over 10 years. This year, for the first time, instead of taking place solely in the Summer Term, the ‘Magic Day’ events will run across the academic year, with the first event taking place in November.

90 year 5 students from Downview visited FCC on Wednesday 23rd November, with each class taking part in a different activity. Some students developed spells in drama, whilst others reached for the heights and tried trampolining. The final group looked at ancient magic – what will you wish upon a stone?

Supported by FCC students, it was a great opportunity for the year 5’s to see what secondary school is like, how facilities and lessons are different and to ask older students any questions they have.

Mr Whiffin, Deputy Headteacher, commented: “It was great to welcome Downview and see them getting stuck in to the activities – their enthusiasm was brilliant. Thinking about secondary school is often quite daunting for younger students, so these events are a chance to let them see that the next stage of their education shouldn’t be something to worry about, but to be excited about. Our FCC student helpers were a credit to us on the day supporting the younger students. We are now looking forward to running more days next year for other local primary schools.”

Student comments:

“I really enjoyed the drama, the studio we got to use is huge and has loads of special effects”

“ We saw how big FCC is, the students who helped us said it soon becomes easy to find your way around”

“My brother comes to school here so it was nice to come and see what it is like. The FCC students were nice.”