The Felpham Community College School Council visit Bognor FoodbankThe Felpham Community College

A group of students from the Felpham Community College School Council visited the Bognor Regis Foodbank on Thursday 9th November, accompanied by Olivia Vine, Student Leadership in charge of Community Action.

FCC co-ordinate a donation drive in November every year, this year for Bognor Foodbank. The trip was a chance to see how the charity operates on a day to day basis and how people are referred. Following this, they will be Student Ambassadors at Felpham to promote the donation drive across the school and encourage students to bring something in from home if they are able too.

Olivia Vine, Sixth Form Student commented:
“I am in year 13 now and we have done a donation drive every November since before I was in year 7. It is a great opportunity to come together as a community and support others. Going to the Foodbank was really interesting, as we could see first hand what stock they are low on and how they sort everything. We had lists and we had to make up the different parcels for what is given to a single person or a family of 5. It also made us realise that it is not just soup and pasta they need, things like shampoo and pet food are also good to donate.

Our Sixth Form Charity Committee have now delivered bags and posters to all form rooms at FCC, with the aim of students and staff all bringing in a donation each if they can. We are then going to bring it all back to the Foodbank at the beginning of December.”