Bishop Tufnell become detectives at Felpham Community College!

Thank you to the year 5 students from Bishop Tufnell who visited us on Wednesday 17th January to experience what secondary school life is like. They worked in groups to investigate ‘The Forest Murder Mystery’, and even had time at the end of their session to act out their findings and show us their drama skills.

A group of year 9 FCC students supported them for their visit and gave them a tour of the school and a question and answer session.

The idea of these events is for younger students to see how secondary school is different from primary, and that moving up to secondary is exciting and not something to be nervous about. We continue the events at the end of the month with Bersted Green Primary School.

Mr Leadley, Teacher of History, commented:
“The students worked really hard and were doing the work we use with year 7 and 8 students. They had to decide whether the event was a murder or an accident and their ideas, and acting skills, were brilliant. It was lovely to see them making friends with our year 9 students and asking lots of questions about Felpham – homework, new friends and the canteen were popular conversations going on!”