Felpham Community College students are educated on the dangers of alcohol and under-age drinking

On Thursday 18th January, students from years 7 and 8 at Felpham Community College, took part in an educational workshop run by ‘Smashed’ – an interactive theatrical experience which tours schools across the UK.  

The workshop looked at the social and emotional causes of underage drinking, it’s impact on young lives, social influence and decision-making, and where and how to help yourself and others. 

Miss Tetra, Curriculum Leader for Citizenship, commented: 
“Workshops like these are fab as they explore issues affecting young people in a dynamic and interactive way, so students get a lot from them. Our Citizenship curriculum covers a wide variety of topics at Felpham, tailored to each year group, looking at everything from politics / puberty / drug and alcohol abuse / internet safety / religious beliefs / mental health and more. As well as classroom-based learning, we host a number of workshops like today, to help educate our students on important issues they face growing up in today’s society.   

Maison, year 8 student commented: 
“The workshop was really good as it made you realise the consequences of doing something that you might think ok ( like under-age drinking) and the reasons why alcohol has an 18-age limit. It also looked at peer pressure, and that its not uncool to be different to your friends and stand up for yourself if you don’t want to do something.”  

More information on the Smashed Project is available here.