Felpham Community College host their own International Week!

The Languages department at Felpham Community College hosted their own ‘International Week’ from the 5th to the 9th February, celebrating language diversity and culture at FCC.  The week is organised in recognition of the United Nations International Day of Education, held on the 24th January each year.

The hugely popular ‘International Bake Off’ took place on the 7th February, with over 90 entries received. Students and staff had their own competitions, with anyone wishing to enter picking a country to research and represent through a cake/pudding. Congratulations to Eva Johnson Deacon and Sophie Lee for their amazing Brazilian cake!

On the 8th February, the ‘International Just Dance’ competition proved great fun, and throughout the week both staff and students enjoyed taking part in the ‘Guess the Teacher and Language’ competition.

Mr Cauchy-Duval, Curriculum Leader for Modern Languages, commented:
“The objective of International Week is to raise awareness of the importance of studying a language in a multi-cultural society. Both staff and students have really enjoyed taking part in all the activities we planned, especially the wide range of sweet treats we received which were incredible and completely delicious! The week has been a great success, thank you to all the staff and students who have got involved and joined in.”

International Day of Education | UNESCO