Felpham Community College celebrate the students who go above and beyond!

On Wednesday 20th March, Felpham Community College hosted a Student Celebration Event. This was organised as an opportunity to say thank you and well done to the students at FCC who regularly go above and beyond with their commitment to the school and local community.

Students were nominated to attend by staff, with Ms Kelly, Deputy Headteacher and Mr Hawkins, Chair of Governors presenting students with awards for their achievements.

Students were nominated from every year group, and covered a wide variety of school initiatives / committees and personal achievements with their nominations, including:
The Sixth Form Leadership Team – Outstanding commitment to the role
The Sixth Form Make a Difference Committee – Commitment, hard work and enthusiasm with the charity and community events this year
Resilience Ambassadors – Continued support and dedication with the Resilience Ambassador programme
Year 7 Year Group Nominations – Commitment, dedication and going the extra mile with your form and year group
Arun Changemakers – Outstanding ideas, enthusiasm and commitment with the Artswork Changemakers Project
Peer Mentors – For going above and beyond within your role as a Year 10 Peer Mentor
Rights Respecting Schools Ambassadors – For being incredible RRSA Ambassadors, and all the tasks and responsibilities associated with the role
Curriculum Support Centre – For amazing support and mentoring with students
School Council – Leading initiatives and change with the Student Council, supporting younger students and always being willing to help
6th form Year Group Nominations – Going above and beyond to support your year group, the year office, and FCC

It was an uplifting afternoon, which was a great opportunity to recognise the students who support FCC and the student body on a regular basis.

The Sixth Form Make a Difference Committee
Rights Respecting Schools Ambassadors
Curriculum Support Centre
Arun Changemakers
The Sixth Form Leadership Team
The Sixth Form Year Group Nominations
Resilience Ambassadors
Peer Mentors
Year 7 Year Group Nominations
School Council