Final arrangements for year 11

Below are details of the arrangements for the remainder of Year 11s time in school; if you have any questions please contact the year office.

Year 11 final assembly
Year 11 students will be attending a final celebration assembly on Wednesday 25th May 2022 at 1.10pm. During the assembly there will be an opportunity for their friends and teachers to
sign autograph books and shirts. We request that students bring in an additional spare shirt and marker pen if they wish to gather signatures. The assembly will last approximately an hour and
when it ends, the students will be dismissed for the day. Students will be expected to return to school on Thursday 26th May and Friday 27th May in full school uniform for lessons and exams.

After half-term
From Monday 6th June, students do not need to wear uniform to lessons or exams. Students must attend all lessons until they have sat all the exams in that subject. Attendance will be recorded in lessons, as usual. There will be no tutor time registration sessions, assembly, citizenship or core PE lessons. When wearing their own clothes, students must follow the Sixth Form dress code. If students are not in a lesson or exam but wish to remain in school then they can study in the following rooms:

Monday 6th June – Room B26
Tuesday 7th June – Room B28
Wednesday 8th June – Room B28
Thursday 9th June – Room B28
Friday 10th June – Room B28

Monday 13th June – Room B28
Tuesday 14th June – Room B34
Wednesday 15th June – Room B28
Thursday 16th June – Room B28
Friday 17th June – Room B28

Monday 20th June – Room B26
Tuesday 21st June – Room B28
Wednesday 22nd June – Room B28
Thursday 23rd June – Room B28
Friday 24th June – Room B28

For morning exams students will need to be in the ALC gym (or café for students who are sitting their exams in CSC) by 8.30am and for afternoon exams students need to arrive by 1pm. If students are late they will risk missing out on the pre-exam talk from curriculum leaders.

Year 11 Signing-off Afternoon
Students are asked to come to Reception between 1.30pm to 3pm on Tuesday 28th June.
• They must return any outstanding textbooks at this time.
• All outstanding library books must be returned for the library deposit to be refunded, if students are not staying onto Sixth Form – please contact Mr Thraves if you have any queries.
• Lockers must be emptied and the deposit will be returned in exchange for locker keys.
• The Year 11 panoramic photographs will be available for collection, if students have not already done so.
• We will also be pleased to receive donations of unwanted school uniform and/or PE kit.

Year 11 Prom
Every student in Year 11, assuming all exams have been attended, will be invited to the end of year celebration on Friday 1st July. It has been planned for the year group to have a fun evening together prior to going their separate ways or moving on into the Sixth Form. Tickets will be handed out during the signing-off afternoon on 28th June and will not be available to purchase on the day of the prom. Tickets cost £29.50 and can be purchased through ParentPay. The price includes all entertainment and refreshments on the night. Expensive outfits and glamorous cars are not necessary, nor is the need for a ‘date’, as many students are coming with friends. We would really like all students in the year group to be able to attend the Prom, should there be any issues affording a prom ticket, please contact the year office. Please contact if you have any queries about paying via ParentPay.

GCSE Exam results
Exam results will be available for collection on Thursday 25th August from 10.00am until 12.00pm. When students cannot attend in person, a letter or email from the student only to authorising collection by someone else will be required. Uncollected results will be posted home at the end of the day. Despite the past three years not being what we expected, the form tutors, Mrs Peterson and myself have thoroughly enjoyed our time working with our amazing year group, and we wish them every success and happiness for the future.

Mrs J Elkins
Year 11 Leader