Magic Moments at FCC!

The Felpham Community College year 5 primary events continued this half term, welcoming year 5 students from Bersted Green and Bishop Tufnell.

Bersted Green students got involved developing their spellbinding ideas with our drama department, and Bishop Tufnell looked at Ancient Magic with our Religion, Philosophy and Ethics teacher, Miss Wyatt.

Mr Whiffin, Deputy Headteacher commented:
“It was great to see the students, supported by our FCC Student Helpers, have some fantastic ideas and work so enthusiastically with their activities. It was also an opportunity for them to tour a secondary school and ask lots of questions about how things are different from primary, so that they can start to look forward to it instead of them possibly worrying. Year 5 students from Downview primary school visited us before Christmas, and we are now looking forward to continuing next term with a number of other local primary schools”