Values, Vision & Strategy


At Felpham we believe in the importance of nurturing respect, relationships and ambition. Our three core values are as follows:


  • Encouraging ambition and aspiration
  • Identifying and nurturing potential
  • Commitment to delivering the highest standards
  • Recognising and rewarding success


  • Breaking down barriers to learning
  • Building positive and supportive relationships
  • Behaving with integrity, compassion and humility


  • Respecting each other
  • Appreciating different backgrounds and cultures
  • Engendering a spirit of community and co-operation
  • Wanting the best for everyone


We are committed to achieving excellence by creating a school which…

…is a true learning community

  • students are motivated and committed to their learning.
  • staff are reflective about their work and committed to their professional development.

…provides a safe, calm and happy environment.

  • clear expectations and boundaries.
  • appropriate provision for the vulnerable and challenging.
  • a sense of fun.

…students wish to attend and where staff want to work.

  • innovative ways to engage and inspire.
  • utilisation of new technologies.
  • a culture of teamwork and support.
  • students and staff feel valued as individuals.

…fulfils every student's potential.

  • highest quality teaching and learning.
  • challenging poor performance.
  • differentiated provision and personalised curriculum.
  • excellence in all curriculum areas.

…prepares students for a life beyond school.

  • developing independent learners.
  • appropriate information, advice and guidance.
  • students taking responsibility for their actions and making decisions wisely.
  • cultivating confidence, creativity and resilience.

Our Strategy

Continued success will be delivered through a combination of innovative thinking and traditional standards. Our strategic foundations are…

Tradition : Innovation : Success