Ex-FCC student is going to be on primetime TV!

Felpham Community College would like to say a massive good luck and well done to Phil Turner, who will be appearing on the next series of The Apprentice, starting on the 1st February on BBC1.

Phil is an ex-student of FCC and is part of our Alumni. Earlier this month he came in to support us with year 11 careers interviews and the year 9 careers carousel, by being an interviewer and a guest speaker.

Good luck Phil, we will all be rooting for you!

Felpham Community College students are educated on the dangers of alcohol and under-age drinking

On Thursday 18th January, students from years 7 and 8 at Felpham Community College, took part in an educational workshop run by ‘Smashed’ – an interactive theatrical experience which tours schools across the UK.  

The workshop looked at the social and emotional causes of underage drinking, it’s impact on young lives, social influence and decision-making, and where and how to help yourself and others. 

Miss Tetra, Curriculum Leader for Citizenship, commented: 
“Workshops like these are fab as they explore issues affecting young people in a dynamic and interactive way, so students get a lot from them. Our Citizenship curriculum covers a wide variety of topics at Felpham, tailored to each year group, looking at everything from politics / puberty / drug and alcohol abuse / internet safety / religious beliefs / mental health and more. As well as classroom-based learning, we host a number of workshops like today, to help educate our students on important issues they face growing up in today’s society.   

Maison, year 8 student commented: 
“The workshop was really good as it made you realise the consequences of doing something that you might think ok ( like under-age drinking) and the reasons why alcohol has an 18-age limit. It also looked at peer pressure, and that its not uncool to be different to your friends and stand up for yourself if you don’t want to do something.”  

More information on the Smashed Project is available here.

Bishop Tufnell become detectives at Felpham Community College!

Thank you to the year 5 students from Bishop Tufnell who visited us on Wednesday 17th January to experience what secondary school life is like. They worked in groups to investigate ‘The Forest Murder Mystery’, and even had time at the end of their session to act out their findings and show us their drama skills.

A group of year 9 FCC students supported them for their visit and gave them a tour of the school and a question and answer session.

The idea of these events is for younger students to see how secondary school is different from primary, and that moving up to secondary is exciting and not something to be nervous about. We continue the events at the end of the month with Bersted Green Primary School.

Mr Leadley, Teacher of History, commented:
“The students worked really hard and were doing the work we use with year 7 and 8 students. They had to decide whether the event was a murder or an accident and their ideas, and acting skills, were brilliant. It was lovely to see them making friends with our year 9 students and asking lots of questions about Felpham – homework, new friends and the canteen were popular conversations going on!”

A busy start to the new year for the FCC Careers Team!

Wednesday 10th January was a busy day for careers at Felpham Community College. In the morning, FCC hosted the final year 11 Mock Interviews. Following their CV writing last term, all year 11 students at Felpham were invited to attend a mock interview, to give them some experience of what to expect for a real interview and how to sell themselves. Students did brilliantly, with lots enjoying their interview and coming out feeling positive, after initially being dubious about attending!

Following these, the school held the first Careers Carousel for year 9 students. Students worked in small groups to discuss careers and opportunities, with a wide range of volunteers working their way round the student groups. There were volunteers from local businesses, the army, the fire service, cabin crew, a drone pilot, an author-and the medical profession. It was a great opportunity to find out more about what is out there in the world of careers.

A huge thank you to the volunteers, many of them ex-students of FCC, who gave up their time to come in and inspire our students. And a well done to students who gave both events maximum effort and enthusiasm.